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If you are looking for advice, spare parts, upgrade or take your processes to another level with our products, contact our sales department and we can give you a solution to fit your needs.


Drain & bleed connections

Xanik valves can be furnished with a variety of drain & bleed connections as well as shut-off valves.


xanik | drain & bleed connections
xanik | equalizing devices

Certain classes and sizes of STOP CHECK VALVES and double seated gate valves require some specifications in their design to prevent over pressurization due to thermal expansion of trapped fluids inside its body.


This expansion may cause excess pressure that results in excessive leakage or actuator failure. This over-pressurization can be avoided with an internal hole or an external equalizing pipe which makes the gate valves unidirectional.

Equalizing devices


Impact handwheel

Larger size valves (typically Globe & Stop Check valves) require an impact handwheel, when a bevel gear actuator is not required. The impact handwheel permits final closure with up to seven times the torque obtained by an ordinary handwheel, which is several thousand ft.- lbs. of torque.

xanik | impact handwheel


Bypasses have two main functions. First, they are used in steam service to warm-up the line before the main valve is opened. The second function is used on steam and other lines to balance the pressure on both sides of the main valve wedge or disc to assist in opening a large valve. Xanik valves can be requested to include welded bypasses.


Bypasses are equipped with a single OS&Y globe valve with a pressure & temperature rating and corrosion resistance equal to or exceeding of the main valve.

xanik | bypass
xanik | valves


Xanik’s production capabilities range across six main valve categories for different kind of services.

xanik | services


Xanik offers services such as on-site visits, hydrostatic testing, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing and liquid penetrant testing.

xanik | accessories


Xanik offers spare parts and additional accessories such as bevel gear, fluid power and electric motor actuators, equalizing devices, bypasses, drain and bleed connections.

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