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Xanik® Bolted Bonnet valves are designed and manufactured with safety and reliability in mind to provide maximum service life with low operating costs. Our designs complies with API 600, ASME B16.34, API 602, API 623, API 603, and API 594 and are available in a complete range of Body/Bonnet materials and trims.

Body/Bonnet materials include Carbon and Low-Temperature Carbon Steel, Low Chrome Alloys, and Stainless Steel. For special applications, these valves can be supplied in other alloy grades. We offer a full range of trim materials to match any service.

Alternate packing and gasket materials are also available as part of our complete range of options.

Note: Intermediate classes are available

xanik | bolted bonnet gate valve

Threaded connections

xanik | threaded connection


ASME B1.20.1

Threaded connections are most commonly used in small diameter pipework

Weld connections

xanik | butt weld connection

Butt Weld.

ASME B16.25

xanik | socket weld connection

Socket Weld.

ASME B16.11

When a permanent joint is required, a weld connection is typically utilized.

Flange facings

xanik | raised face

Raised Face

ASME B16.5

xanik | ring joint face

Ring Joint Face

ASME B16.5

xanik | large female

Large Female

ASME B16.5

Common configurations for temporal assemblies

xanik | bolted bonnet valves catalog

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