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xanik | hf globe valves


Xanik has developed a state-of-the-art HF valve, with longer service life and lower maintenance costs through the life of the valve. Since 2001 Xanik is approved by UOP and ConocoPhillips for the production of HF Acid Alkylation valves. Xanik is currently approved to manufacture Gate, Globe, and Check valves for all HF pipe classes for use by UOP, ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil Alkylation's units and LAB process, as well meet TOTAL, P66 and Shell specifications.

​​​The main design features of our HF Acid valves are:​​


on HF Acid Valves

  • Standard delivery time 12 weeks (Stock is available for many sizes and classes)

  • Full welded Monel® sleeve

  • Spiral Wound gasket or RTJ gasket

  • All fugitive emission standards

  • ISO 15848

  • API 622

  • API 624

  • Valves 100% made in Mexico with North American raw materials 

  • Valves available in Carbon Steel, Low-Temperature Carbon Steel, Monel® and Hastelloy® with supplemental requirements and chemical restrictions.

  • Special designs and configurations are available.


Please contact our sales staff for more information

Approved for pipe

HF-1  HF-10

HF-2, HF-20

HF-4, HF-40

HF-5, HF-50



*Approved for UOP & ConocoPhillips licenses & API Approved.

xanik | 7 hydro & pneumatic test
xanik | high performance seats

High-Performance seats

(PTFE Insert on Disc)


xanik | HF swing check with internal hinge pin

Safety design

HF Acid Swing Check with

internal hinge pin.

xanik | double ball monel grease

Double ball Monel® grease

Injector at packing chamber


xanik | body-bonnet joint types

Threaded connections

xanik | threaded connection


ASME B1.20.1

Threaded connections are most commonly used in small diameter pipework

Weld connections

xanik | weld connection butt weld

Butt Weld

ASME B16.25

xanik | weld connection socket weld

Socket Weld

ASME B16.11

When a permanent joint is required, a weld connection is typically utilized.

Flange facings

xanik | flange facing raised face
xanik | flange facing ring joint face
lxanik | flange facings large female

Raised Face

ASME B16.5

Ring Joint Face

ASME B16.5

Large Female

ASME B16.5

Common configurations for temporal assemblies

Extended body

xanik | integrally reinforced end for welding

Integrally reinforced end for welding

API 602

xanik | socket-welded end

Socket-welded end

API 602

Extended body in integrally reinforced end or socket-welded end are available when specified by customer.

xanik | HF acid valves catalog

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