Made to Order

  • Custom made solutions to your specifications

  • Special chemical and metallurgical compositions

  • Special sizes & classes

  • Special configurations

Gate Valve with Heat Dissipation Bonnet with Cooling Fins, Drain and Vent Valves

Size: 10" 

Class: 800

Material: 0F10

Extremely high temperature service with heat dissipation bonnet for maintaining the packing at lower temperature.

Gate Valve WCB Body, Trim 5

Big size Gate Valve for large flowrate and low pressure

Size: 54"

Class: 150

Material: WCB

Swing Check Valve for Sea Water in Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Sea water service, for off shore fire protection.

Size: 16"

Class: 150

Material: C95800

Forged Bar Design Gate Valve Titanium

Gate Valve made from reactive materials for corrosive service.

Size: 3/4"

Class: 800

Material: Titanium

Gate Valve with Mechanically Activated Trip Valve for Nitrogen Injection in Central Cavity to Help Closure

Valve with mechanism self-activated when valve is fully closed. Trip valve is open to inject pressure on central cavity to help tight sealing.

Size: 16"

Class: 600

Material: WC6

Gate Valve with Chainwheel

Size: 2"

Class: 1500

Material: A995 Gr.5A

Chainwheel operation for inaccessible locations.

Steam Jacket Gate Valve

Valve with Steam Jacket for heating up the valve shell using steam flow.

Size: 8"

Class: 600

Material: ASTM A217 Gr. C12

High Pressure Bolted Bonnet Forged Fanged Ends Gate Valve with Locking Device

Forged Valve with integral flanges for high pressure.

Size: 2"

Class: 1500

Material: Duplex SS

Extended Body Valves

In any alloy of wrought materials  

Size: 2"

Class: 800

Material: F9

“Y” Pattern Lift Check Body Guided Disc Spring Loaded

For maximum protection in gas compression systems.

Size: 8"

Class: 1500

Material: Alloy Steel 2 1/4 Cr. 1/2 Mo.

Tilting Disc Check Valve

To prevent disc slamming in high pressure pumping systems.

Size: 6"

Class: 2500

Material: Alloy Steel 2 1/4 Cr. 1/2 Mo.

Globe Valve for HF Acid Service with Supplemental requirement S51 and Monel® Trim

Size: 20"

Class: 300

Material: ASTM A216 Gr. WCB

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