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A NewCharpter

February 18th, 2022

A New Chapter in Our Story

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Employees,

We are proud to announce that Xanik has been acquired by Marshall Excelsior Company (MEC), a progressive manufacturer of top-quality LPG & NH3 equipment that continues to lead the industry in innovation and low emission products.

What does this mean for you?

On a day-to-day, it’s business as usual. Only now, we have additional resources available to expand our capabilities and continue driving innovation in our products and services.

What does this mean for us?

Our entire staff is now part of the Marshall Excelsior Company family. All personnel, including executive management, will remain in their traditional roles, and will continue to provide you the same level of service and quality products we have been offering for almost 41 years.

More about Marshall Excelsior Company

Marshall Excelsior Company offers a full range of products that support the LPG & NH3 Bulk Plant, Transport, Delivery/Dispensing, and Domestic applications.  As our product lines continues to grow, we are striving to improve product functionality while taking the industry standards to a higher level of quality and performance without adding excessive cost. Marshall Excelsior Company has become a secure reference for their customers as a partner in building their business.

We are very pleased to join MEC, and to continue our commitment towards excellence, dedication to innovation, and ongoing improvement.


Let’s celebrate the New Chapter in Our Story together.




Carlos Kahan

CEO, Xanik


Patrick M. Donovan

President, MEC

xanik | fastest delivery valves
Fastest delivery valves in the industry

We are able to best accommodate the practicalities of your business through options that best suit your needs, such as partial/staggered deliveries or shipping specific items first.




12-16 Weeks

6-10 Weeks

1-4 Weeks

xanik | valve tailor mad
Tailor made forged and cast valves

Xanik Engineers will work with the End-User to understand the scope of their needs, challenges, and objectives.


Xanik will make valves that meets all of the requirements and specifications.



xanik | HF Service approved by UOP & ConocoPhillips
xanik | special alloy materials and configurations
HF Acid valves for alkylation process in refineries and petrochemical plants

Xanik has been manufacturing valves for Hydrofluoric Acid Service (HF) for over 31 years. We are approved and comply with the requirements of UOP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil (GEMS), Phillips 66 (REP-5-3-24), TOTAL (PVA 200 & 211) and Shell (MESC's) among others.


Our engineers have collaborated extensively with unit managers and Alkylation engineers to design and build HF Acid valves with strict regards to safety and quality.Part of Xanik’s commitment to safety includes additional Nonedestructive Examination (NDE) testing on each valve, which surpass industry standards. Best of all, we offer our valves with the shortest lead-times found in the industry.

Special alloy valves

Xanik has more than 41 years of experience in manufacturing valves with complex specifications and high grade materials.


Gate, globe and check valve designs are available in a variety of different designs, “T”, "Y" and Angle patterns including forged valves, pressure seal valves, welded and bolted bonnet valves.


Read more about available materials ...

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